Lovebug Starski

Lovebug Starski, born Kevin Smith, was an influential hip-hop DJ, MC, and producer who was active in the New York City music scene in the late 1970s and early 1980s. He is often credited with coining the term “hip-hop” and played an important role in the development of the genre.


Starski grew up in the Bronx, New York, and began his career as a DJ in the mid-1970s. He quickly gained a reputation for his skill on the turntables and his ability to energize a crowd. In 1979, he released his first single, “Positive Life”, which was an early example of the use of rap lyrics over a disco beat.


In 1981, Lovebug Starski released his debut album, “Rappin'”, which included the hit single “Amityville (The House on the Hill)”, which sampled the theme from the horror film “The Amityville Horror”. The album also featured collaborations with other influential hip-hop artists, including Doug E. Fresh and Spoonie Gee.


Throughout the 1980s, Lovebug Starski continued to release a series of influential singles and albums, including “Gangster Rock”, “You’ve Gotta Believe”, and “House Rocker”. He also worked as a producer, helping to launch the careers of other notable hip-hop artists such as KRS-One and Boogie Down Productions.


In addition to his work as a DJ and MC, Lovebug Starski was also a popular radio personality, hosting a show on New York’s WBLS in the early 1980s. He was known for his energetic on-air persona and his ability to showcase new and emerging talent.


Despite his important contributions to the development of hip-hop, Lovebug Starski’s career was cut short when he passed away in 2018 at the age of 57. However, his legacy lives on in the music he created and the impact he had on the hip-hop community. He is remembered as a trailblazer who helped to shape the sound and culture of hip-hop in its early years.

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