Coke La Rock

Coke La Rock is widely considered to be the first MC (master of ceremonies) in the history of hip hop. He was born in 1958 in the Bronx, New York, and grew up during the early years of hip hop culture.


Coke La Rock began his career as an MC in the late 1970s, performing at parties and events in the Bronx alongside DJ Kool Herc. It was during these early performances that he developed the style of MCing that would become the foundation of hip hop.


Coke La Rock’s MCing style involved chanting over the beats and breaks that DJ Kool Herc was spinning, using simple rhymes and call-and-response techniques to engage the crowd. He was known for his charismatic stage presence and ability to work the crowd, and his performances helped to establish the role of the MC in hip hop culture.


In addition to his work as an MC, Coke La Rock was also a member of the hip hop group The Kool Herc Crew. The group performed at parties and events throughout the Bronx, and their performances helped to establish hip hop as a cultural phenomenon.


Today, Coke La Rock is recognized as a pioneer in the development of hip hop culture, known for his innovative MCing style and contributions to the early years of the genre. He continues to be celebrated for his groundbreaking contributions to music history.

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