Eric B. & Rakim

Eric B. & Rakim were an influential hip-hop duo from Long Island, New York, consisting of DJ Eric B. (born Eric Barrier) and rapper Rakim (born William Griffin). They formed in the mid-1980s and quickly gained a reputation for their innovative approach to rap music.


Eric B. was a talented DJ and producer who had been working in the music industry for several years before teaming up with Rakim. He had already produced several successful hip-hop tracks for other artists, including “Eric B. Is President” for rapper Just-Ice.


Rakim, meanwhile, had been honing his craft as a rapper since he was a teenager. He had a unique approach to rhyming that involved complex wordplay and intricate rhyme schemes, which would go on to influence a generation of rappers.


The duo’s first album, “Paid in Full,” was released in 1987 and quickly became a classic of the genre. The album featured a number of hit tracks, including the title track, “I Know You Got Soul,” and “My Melody.”


“Paid in Full” was notable for its use of samples, which Eric B. expertly blended into the duo’s tracks. The album also showcased Rakim’s groundbreaking flow, which was characterized by his use of internal rhymes, multisyllabic rhymes, and a relaxed, conversational delivery.


Eric B. & Rakim continued to release successful albums throughout the late 1980s and early 1990s, including “Follow the Leader” (1988), “Let the Rhythm Hit ‘Em” (1990), and “Don’t Sweat the Technique” (1992). These albums solidified the duo’s reputation as one of the most innovative and influential acts in hip-hop.


Despite their success, Eric B. & Rakim parted ways in the mid-1990s, with Rakim going on to release several solo albums. However, their impact on the genre of hip-hop continues to be felt to this day, with many rappers citing Rakim as a major influence on their own style.


In 2011, Eric B. & Rakim reunited for a brief tour, which was met with critical acclaim. The duo continues to be recognized as pioneers of hip-hop, and their legacy remains an important part of the genre’s history.


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